Monday, 28 February 2011

So not an ugly scarf buyer!

Hello first blog of my life, isnt this exciting!

Eating breakfast this morning, watching Breakfast ... try and keep up. Has anyone noticed the scarf  Corin has begun to rock on the regular? Well i have, and i have been for the last couple of mornings.Keeping in mind i am no fashionista, but what the hell he hiding under this tartain piece of material huh. If you ask me its all a bit strange. Is it really that cold, it is summer after all, no one else is wearing one, but this is besides the point.

Before i lannch i will just say. I have nothing against scarves themselves, i do however have a large problem with Corin wearing one.

I voice my concerns to Mark about the scarf situation and he procedes conjure up a fairytale story about the origins of his ever annyoing neck wear. 'His wife probably brought it for him and made him wear it, thats something you would do' Ummmmmm excuse me?

Well now i have no choice but to buy him an ugly scarf, and issue unrelenting smacked bottoms for any anti-scarf voilations.

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