Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Dog in a purple jersey

Hello nerdy blogger universe you look different from my lounge, have you done something different with your hair? Lounge Blogger, you should really hire a better cleaner also you're heaps more boring than Holiday Blogger but whatevs.

The reason for this today is that I have thoughts that wont fit in mere status updates, and to be fair no one really cares. If anyone actually reads this, enthusiastic high five for not unsubscribing from me.  More than likely I've unsubscribed from you but tomato tomato ya know.

Hrmm so whats been going on, I went to all this effort to sign into this piece and now I can't remember what I wanted to say. I can't remember but I have a feeling all I wanted to talk about was my road rage. Which seems to have subsided in the couple of minutes it took me to write this hrmmmmmmm.

Hunger fuelled illusions? Driving home from work today, 35km/h road raging all the way up Sunset road, the traffic comes to a complete stop. Fan Freakin Tastic, I'm starving, ready to eat my own ass and this bunch of retards don't know how to work their steering wheels. Finally we start moving again, oh I should have known. A dog wearing a purple jersey trotting along the road. I thought this strange as today is definitely way too hot for jerseys.

KARATE KID. I feel sorry for the kids growing up with the Jayden Smiths Karate kid. How is anyone ever suposed to perform that end move on their mates (ya know the one footed, backwards sumersault, face kick and land on the good foot move) It'll never happen. Example, I still do the crane kick on a bi-weekley baisis and feel every bit as awesome as I did when I was a youngin. Boo modern Karate Kid makers. And dont even get me started on the soundtrack Justin Bieber could never replace Joe Esposito 'You're the best around', not even if there was a fire.

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