Monday, 10 October 2011

HolidayOvertime. Day 3

Didn't manage a sleep in this morning, stink. After last nights debacle, we thought we had better go buy Mark a collared shirt in case we have the same thing happen tonight. We want to be prepared this time. But the hope is fading, at a medium pace. I'm a lot more pissed off now than I was last night. Just FYI.

We sort the shirt out after a couple of taxi rides and go back to the hotel. We couldn't find any of the stand by-ers so we figured that they were already at the airport, so we head there too.

Stack our hobo Esq possessions into a trolley and wheel it to our window side, gypsy camp. See, when you're on standby travel, they don't take your bags when you check in, hence the makeshift gypsy camp. I'm strongly considering stringing a clothes line from the T Mobile charging centre to the pole just here, must keep a look out for supplies. This is where I plan to sit all day, and cry gypsy tears possibly for commercial sale, at a later date.

We individually go check ourselves in for the first flight to Melbourne. Now were just hanging out at the campsite. Marks got his stink war book, listening to his iPod. I'm reading my book on Slash, which by the way is very good. This is big news, as I am pretty much exclusively a gossip magazine reader. Listening to Sonic Alter because supporting New Zealand music i feel will most defiantly help out the good vibes I'm sending to the universe. Also its about the only CD that I can listen to without skipping any songs, which helps when you're engrossed in a good book. Feel like a bit of a freshen up so I visit Duty Free to spritz myself with the latest perfume.

5.30 pm rolls on, better make our way to our seats, where we shall resume our evil waiting game. Pearched  along the window seats enviously watching people being issued their boarding passes while we stress out. That family has six kids that are taking up a whole seat each! Do they really need that much luggage? One by one our fellow stand byers filter in, dump their bags and check in. The two teachers paid an extra $600 each to upgrade to business class, hopefully increasing their chances of being on tonight's flight. We're all a bit deflated but try to stay on the up and up. The lady comes over a lot earlier than usual and hands out boarding passes to the teachers. We're all genuinely happy for them, as we've grown quite fond of our new airport family. We continue to wait, checking the clock every minute, surely they've closed off check in by now! The man comes over and he has three tickets in his hand, Mark and Kate? Yussssss! In our minds we're dancing a jig but on the outside we calmly stand up and take the tickets. Now our attention switches to Jason, the five nighter, 6 Day-er. *Insert suspense music here* (Slow motion voice) Jaaaayyysssooohhhn? Anyone would think he had just won first division. Now there's only two of the standbyers left behind, we hope to see them on the plane but if history is anything to go by, we're not holding our breath. Nek minute, who rolls up but our old mate Bieber (nicknamed by one of the teachers because his appearance had ever so slight Bieber undertones) he made it. As for the other guy, well he was left by himself. Did he make the Brisbane flight? I guess we'll never know.

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