Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Day 29. Las Vegas

No plans today, we're just gonna wing it. We have a bus pass from last night that's good until tonight so we're going to loiter around a couple more casinos. The bus down the strip is hideously slow because it stops most blocks, and then for the lights. A 15 minute walk could easily take 30 minutes, but its air conditioned, so it could take an hour for all I care. It was made a little more entertaining by the bus driver road raging over the loud speaker. "Watch yourself!" "why you gonna be pulling out like that when you're looking right at me"

First stop Ceasers palace. This place is rediculous, it has more shops in the casino than the whole of Rotorua has . Can't afford anything inside the shops, but they're shops all the same.

Remember that pesky craving I had for cheesecake only to be shot down by cheese steaks. Hello The Cheesecake Factory. Cheesecake was good , Marks' cutlery came out all crazy kinds of dirty. Like they took it out back, dumped them in front of the homeless guy, he gave them a lick (and not a very good lick at that) then wrapped them back up. Head out to the pool and take a load off on the lying down deck chairs. Which happen to be more comfortable than the beds in Moab but I'm so over that, obviously. Its cool that you can just roll up on any hotel and just hang out.

Next stop Paris Casino, walk around for a while nothing too exciting going on there today. Found the 'Sugar factory' they do those lolly pops with the bedazzled sticks you see celebrities with. $25 for one lolly pop, I think I can live without it.

Slow bus home, got to try and figure out what we're going to do tonight. I really want to go see Elton John but he's only playing on Thursday night and the cheapest tickets they had left are $180 each, we'll think about it. So we settle for the Riviera 'Dinner and Show' its a buffet dinner then a comedy show. We put $20 each into the slot machines, I'm still writing this so needless to say, we didn't hit the jackpot. Thundery rainy afternoon, perfect for a Nana nap!

Comedy show was cool. He pretty much called everyone in the front two rows, a dick or an asshole for various reasons. For anyone that knows me you will understand why I thoroughly enjoyed it. We were a little bit back so we were safe, not to say that we are neither a dick or an asshole but he didn't call us one in public, so that makes us feel better.

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