Thursday, 6 October 2011

Pack up our gear to check out of the Riviera, we're going to stay an extra night in Las Vegas but we might as well try somewhere else. We found a room at the Flamingo, its heaps busier than the last place and more central, but that doesn't make much of a difference we still have to walk for hours to get anywhere.
We go for a bit more shop looking, only wee purchases nothing that's going to break the bank. Then on the way back to our accommodation we stop in at Sephora (every kind of make up you could ever want or need ... ever), which I've been eyeing up every drive by, but today is the day. So there's the shop, and then the fact that it's in Las Vegas, pretty much my own personal Disneyland. I could spend all day here but Mark already has enough makeup, so hes not overly excited about it all. On our way out I see the airbrush testers *Que angel harp music* Well I cant leave without a play, so i painted my whole hand shiny brown and pink. Am i dreaming does this place really exist!

Back to the room for a relax. We can see real live flamingos out the window, I like pink birdies. Plans for tonight, go see the water show outside the Bellagio and give the Volcano outside the Mirage a proper close up watch. We had dinner at the food court in the hotel then off to see the shows.

Its been raining most of the day and its cold. This place is defiantly not built for rain. We tried to buy a cup cake from the hotel cafe but they wouldn't sell it because its been raining and there was a puddle out front of the register. Let me just try to understand for a minute, what you're trying to say to me is, you don't want our money? The travelators aren't going but we still have to walk down them, they are slippery as hell, without a doubt some ones going to break an ass on these.

Water show at the Bellagio was fantastic. Water danced away to 'proud to be an American' for 3 odd minutes. Even their water is patriotic, way more patriotic than NZ water.. Volcano show up close was good, not only for the show but the fire was warm.

Now were back at the hotel chillin, sad because our holiday is going to be over in a couple of days. And we will have to return to flushing our own toilets, now that's going to be an adjustment. Over here most of the public toilets flush themselves when you stand up. NZ toilets could really take a page out of US toilets book. Booooooooo!

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