Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Day 30. Las Vegas. Fox News!

You will have to excuse me as I am writing this section while I am ever so slightly intoxicated. So today's 'blog' if you must, I feel a bit retarded saying that I'm writing a 'blog' but that's the official name of it, so whatever. I think I'm going to start with the end of the day and work my way to the start, with the chance of some third person commentary. We just got home from Harrahs, actually I'm lying we've just been at the Sirens Of Treasure Island BUT before that we went to see 'Legends in Concert' at Harrahs. A very awesome concert featuring Elvis, some black lady, some country dude, Lady Ga Ga and Michael Jackson impersonators. 10/10 and I'll tell you why.
Ladies across the world Rejoice, for today, peanut bladder triumphs over all that is evil and unholy. I have a new lease on life and its all thanks to my old lady drinking bladder.

Scene: A couple sitting in a show, second to back table squished in with 3 ladies they'd rather not be sitting with. Impersonator Elvis is singing, he is very good. A country dude comes on who is also very good, and while Kate likes country music as much as the next guy, she just had a giant icy drink and nature calls. She informs her partner 'Mark' that she needs to use the facilities, only to be palmed off with a disapproving 'you only went 10 minutes ago you boozehag' head shake. On her way out a staff member says something in her ear, she smiles because she knows she will never get a disapproving 'you only went 10 minutes ago you boozehag' head shake, from Mark ever again. On her way back in she sees the same staff member and he gives her a nod. She returns to her seat and says something in Marks ear, a perplexed look comes over his face as he retrieves her bag from the floor. He gets up and follows Staff Man and Kate down the isle, Staff Man leads them to a very comfortable looking booth seat rather close to the front. And that ladies and gentlemen is where they sit for the rest of the show. No one will ever know exactly what Staff Man said to Kate that fateful night, or why they were given this extraordinary upgrade. But we do know one thing for sure, the next time Kate needs to inconvenience Mark with a toilet stop and he's annoyed about it. Remember that time when ......... End scene.

We were hanging out doing a bit of nothing much so we decide to go check out 'The Gun Store' another firing range. While the glock in Dallas was nice, we feel like we need something bigger. Its very busy here, the girl gives a piece of paper with all our options on it. There's a couple of package deals we decide to go with. I get 'the ladies package' it was the cheapest, I get to fire 2 guns a hand gun of some sorts and a pink AK47 yusss. Mark goes with the 'Coalition' he gets 3 guns, the Sar (which is an automatic machine gun), M4 and a hand gun. The wait time is about an hour, so we wait. Theres a man with an official looking video camera taking shots in the waiting area. Cool we might be on TV. We get to the front of the line and the man asked if either of us were firing the Sar today. Yes actually, Mark is. The man says perfect we've been waiting for someone to pick this one all morning, I hope you don't mind being filmed. Its for Fox news. Ahh crap. They take us through to the range and film Mark getting his instructions and then firing it. OK so you will go out for your interview then we'll bring you back in for the rest of your package. Interview? A nervous 5 minute interview later, we get to go back in and shoot our other guns. Mark did really well having this sprung on him, so we'll see if he makes it to TV the News Man is going to email him when its sorted. FYI if you're ever going to be shot by someone, and you get to choose who shoots you. Choose me, I didn't make a single face shot the whole time.

We find the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign for photos. It has its own centre of the road parking lot so it's very busy. We patiently wait in line and finally get our turn, a tourist offers to take our pictures for us, sweet. Something happens with the operator that prevented her from actually taking the picture, twice. People start walking up for their pictures, well I guess our turn is over, rude mofos. We'll come back tomorrow.

We really need a Giant Red Bull after all this window shopping and we haven't had one in a whole day, a 16 ouncer will do just nicely please.

Well its morning now and its time to see the other part of the outlet mall. We need to buy a new bag to bring back, bag overflow.

Total pokie machine loss $55

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