Sunday, 2 October 2011

Day 27. Williams to Las Vegas

Finally got some sleep, still woke up early but its all good. Breakfast at the motel, spent 10 minutes watching a lady monopolise the whole breakfast area with her geriatric muffin preparing skills "I'm hogging all the space aren't i" "Why yes, yes you are, now move your geriatric, man voice having ass, or I'll move it for you" we didn't say that but it was defiantly a thought. All the while people politely stood by and waited for this inconsiderate woman to master her butter smearing skills.
We're going to see the Hoover Dam this morning. Dam's and mechanical boy stuff, not really my scene but Mark wants to see it so I'm on board. We took a tour of the power plant, along with a million other people. Surprisingly they squished the whole million of us into two elevators, there were personal space violations all over the show. Its so damn hot, we take a walk over the dam but don't hang around too long. Next stop Las Vegas!

We've booked a room at the Riviera from Sunday until Wednesday, but today is Saturday so we go in to see if we can just grab an extra night. Wait in line for 45 minutes infornt of two obnoxious loud line talkers. Only for a "We're sold out for tonight" Maaaan. We go to Mc Donalds across the road to use their Internet, hopefully find a place to stay. Checked out a couple of places but I thought we should try book a room at the same place, just because. Well what do ya know, they sure aren't sold out, lying mofo. So back to the line, its bigger than last time but its regular line volume so its OK.

Found our room in the casino maze, so now we're going to see what the deal is with the tattoo expo. Its at the MGM Mirage but brain fart took us to the MGM Grand, which is a whole separate place. Woops. Attempt two MGM Mirage: The sign says that the parking is down here, this must be it, we find a park and make our way in. Treasure Island? ... MOTHERFUDGER! Conveniently it has a tram to the Mirage so its not so bad anymore. Another maze through slot machines to get to the expo, but we made it. Got our tickets and went in, pretty cool, heaps of tattooers doin work. Exotic animal show going on up front. I almost got a new tattoo but decided last minute it probably wasn't a good idea. Could have been the best tattoo of my life, could have been the worst, we'll never know.

Finish up there and go find dinner, we see a sign for somewhere familiar and start making our way there. It's somewhere in this casino, hiding away through a sea of game tables and pokies, now there's a surprise. Cant be bothered finding it so we grab subway and be done with it. We watch the volcano at the front of the Mirage go off, with a cool fire and water show. Then we checked out The Venetian, holey moley! No wonder this place never stops the ceiling is painted blue sky and clouds, blue water canals and singing gondolas help to keep up the illusion. The temperature has a pleasant outdoor feel compared to actual outside which is stinkin hot, you would never know what time it is outside.

Make our way back to the car then back to the hotel. The room is nice with two double beds, starfish tonight! Internet usage is $10 a day, so we're going to steal Mc Donalds wifi when necessary. We can see the pool from here but nothings going on at the moment. First room with an iPod Dock and the air Conditioning is the quietest we've had the whole trip.

Tomorrow day we rest up so we can explore tomorrow night!

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