Friday, 30 September 2011

Day 26. Moab to the Grand Canyon

No sleep again last night. This must be the most uncomfortable bed in the history of creation, i mean, i fall asleep at the movies for Christ sakes. Maybe, just maybe, the anticipation of getting our laundry on tomorrow morning, is just too much excitement for me, we'll never know. Were both tired so we sluggishly pack our gear and hit the road en route to the laundromat.
So here we are at the laundromat, the guy is super nice $1.50 to wash and 75 cents to dry, if that's not a bargain i don't know what is! So anyway we're hanging out marks reading a National Geographic and I'm putting the photos from the memory cards onto the computer, but where's the small camera? Well I didn't see it this morning ... or did i? Mark didn't see it this morning ... or did he? We tear the car apart with no love. Mark goes back to the log hut to see if we left it on the bed, but they've already cleared the room and said they didn't find it ... or did they? If I didn't see it, and Mark didn't see it, it had to be the hostel man *insert suspense music here* Turns out it was wedged in the side compartment in the car, woopsies. Crisis averted, back to the washing.

On the road again we plan to stay a a weeny bit shy of the Grand Canyon, but that doesn't happen, the town we planned to stay in doesn't have accommodation so we carry on. We make it to the Canyon, it really is quite Grand. I was expecting an angel band to float down from the sky when I first laid eyes on this enormous hole in the ground, but sadly that didn't happen. This is an extreme tourist destination so there's Asians all up in our grills and the toilets are hideous. But what a stunning place. There's a lot of view stops along the canyon rim so we stop a couple of times for photos, stalking pumas, deer and general farting around. There are tree fires along a decent section of the road, so smoke everywhere. We met a guy that was moving from New York to Las Vegas. We invited ourselves to stay at his house tomorrow night (i think he thought we were joking) but he hasn't got a place yet, he did say we could stay in his tent though. With weekend accommodation triple the price in Las Vegas we just might have to take him up on his offer.

Now's about the time of the day when we need to find somewhere to stay, woop ee. Everywhere we see looks expensive. I can tell this by my handy 2 second scan, Porter trolleys = expensive, Statues of wild animals out front = expensive, Self opening doors = expensive, staff have waistcoats on = Forged-abowt-it! A couple of call-ins confirms my economic predictions, so we carry on. Found a Super8 in Williams, no communal showers and toilets for us today, high rollers!

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