Monday, 26 September 2011

Day 22. Cheyenne to Gunnison, Colarado

I forgot to say yesterday that we went to see Mt Rushmore. Pretty cool for just a big rock with faces on it. I may need to seek professional medical help when we get home because im having issues with droping anything that will fit, down the side of the seat never to be found again, including the money we needed for a toll road woopsies he he

Today were on our way to Crested Butte hopefully do a bit of mountain biking. Colarado is very pretty, a lovley scenic drive. Not too much going on at Crested Butte, the information centre didnt even have any trail maps and the lifts arent going, so were a bit unfit to be sloging our asses up that giant hill. We're going to wait till we get to Moab for the biking. But damn this place is pretty i bet it goes off in winter!

Drive back to Gunnison, foud somewhere to stay and now were just relaxing which is nice. Mark is geting sick so im sure that means im next booooo!

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