Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Day 16. NYC to Scott, Pensylvania

It was very late last night when i wrote my 'Diary' if you must, i forgot to mention that on the bus home we saw a lady with the funkiest beard (and i don't mean funky in a good way) I know I say this a lot, but it actually looked like pubes on her chin and Mark will back me up on that one. Come on man, you have a blue tooth connected to your ear. You care enough to not give yourself brain cancer but you can't invest in a little landscaping ON YOUR FACE I don't even know man. I'm sure she has a great personality tho.
Another bus to catch into NYC this morning, got to do the part of the tour we didn't have time to do yesterday, the Harlem loop. Subway for breakfast. One chicken and bacon and ranch please, toasted with regular cheese ... Microwaved, f**k you Habeeb this soggy bread just ain't cricket.

Found the bus, no ponchos today in this lovely T-Shirt weather. Got off the bus at the Natural History Museum to look at a bunch of dinosaurs. Pretty cool really, didn't stick around to see too much more, tried to see the Frogs exhibition but you needed special tickets for that one, ah well. Back on the bus, this ridiculous UN convention is screwing up the traffic so it takes shit loads longer than it should.

Street vendor 'Lamb Gyro' for lunch, dropped it all over the sidewalk then moved away so i could frame someone else for it, woopsies. Bus back to the car was easy today now we figured out that Marks watch was four minutes late. Duh!

On the road again headed towards Niagra Falls, we start to look for a motel pretty early as we finding it problematic getting reasonable priced boardings. We tried a couple with no love so carried on our way for another hour or so. Ooh that place looks stink lets try here. You need a 4X4 to get up the drive, car parks accommodate big rigs i think this may be it. Success! The rooms not bad, heaps better than the last one with absolutely no gang tagging on the walls, king of the castle king in the castle I have a chair.

Now for dinner, subway is about a minute walk from the motel but I'm still emotionally scarred from my soggy breakfast, i just can't face it. Much to Marks dismay i decide that we shall not be having subway, and we need to eat somewhere else. So we asked the GPS where there was to eat around here, he pointed us in a direction and we went there. Short distance from the dive of a motel to just over the bridge, there is a whole new land of very rich people with large houses and perfactly manicured lawns. I think were going to fit in nicely here. This is a very nice area but i cant help but thinking, with all this pressure to have their lawn rows lined up, someones going to go on a murderous killing spree in the very near future. Just sayin'

Found a little Irish Pub. The cars parked outside are flash but we decide to go there anyway. "sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came" So it wasn't like that, we got a few funny looks but my ceaser salad was yum, and my vodka drink was very healthy, extra points for that bartender. Mark ordered a Hoagie and chips just for shits and giggs. The chips were ready salted regular chips, which wouldn't be so bad if we hadnt just polished off a tube of pringles. Ahhhh Maaaan.

Back at the motel and unlike the last place there's a TV remote (and it works) and every second Chanel isn't hardcore porn, be free my little retinas for you are safe now.

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