Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Day 15 or is it im not sure. NYC still and Broadway

Up early to catch the train again for more NYC sightseeing. Find one of those annoying Ethiopian tourist vultures and buy a ticket on the open air bus. Heaps easier than getting a diploma in subway timetable deciphering. Its raining so we get one of those really attractive ponchos yusss.
Stop off back in Soho, heaps of cool shops but don't buy anything because we're tight. Get back on the bus to stop at the World Trade Center Memorial. There are fancy UN people in town this week so there's fuzz and secret service everywhere, which i might add isn't that secret considering they have secret service' written on their cars. We find where the memorial is supposed to be only to find out that if you want to actually see it, you have to book three months in advance ... riiiight.

Back on the bus to go see the Statue of Liberty we were going to take the Staten Island Ferry but the hoards of people waiting to board made us think that it was pointless as we wouldn't be able to see anything anyways. Probably better off because i get boat sick anyhow. We get back on the bus again and the lady was a bitch so i took it upon myself to take 3 more ponchos, man im badass!

Side note: Whoever told us that you get awesome service over here, is a dirty lier! So far the service industry are a bunch of wankers (with the exception of a hand full of people) and if they're not defiantly going to get money from you, they don't give a shit.

Back to my bad self and my new ponchos. Get back on the bus to go back where we started, so we can book our tickets for a show tonight. Make our way to the cheap ticket stairs area and a man is selling tickets to Wicked on the side, somethings not right about this, nah bowl were good. Book our tickets for Rock Of Ages, stoked. Three hours to do whatever, lets go find Macys see what all the fuss is about. This place is humungus, 8 storeys, sweet Jesus. Way bigger than Deka ever was.

Stopped at the M&Ms shop, same old souvenir shop deal but you can buy individual colour ones. BLACK ONES! Yip black m&ms, and every other colour invented but I'm more excited about the black ones, not too far off brown but exciting all the same.

Off to see the show. They check our bags for food and took our m&ms off us, god help is someone smuggled in some m&ms, whatever, we'll get them later. What a long day i need a drink. I get a vodka and lemonade, Mark gets a can of Budweiser $23 WTF! Luckily the show was AMAZING so I'm not as dirty on it anymore, but it still makes me sad in my pocket.

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