Thursday, 22 September 2011

Day 16: Scott, Pensylvania to Canadia Eh

Going to see Niagra Falls today, just a short 4 and a half hour drive.
Mc Donalds for a 'Sausage and Egg Biscuit' I know sounds it sounds gross BUT this could be the best Mc Donalds food ever. With the 'Mc Griddle' which is a whole separate can of worms following close behind. So its like a sausage and egg Mc Muffin but instead of the muffin its a freakin scone, but better! Anyway

I find myself here, in the passenger seat for another long water boy shift, dispensing high quality H2O and soothing Marks eardrums with my angelic vocals. There's not a lot going on really .... I wonder what the soap at the next Motel is going to smell like? Last nights soap smelled like a camel, i hope its better tonight. Will the next motel have 'Special Rates', squealy feeling carpet, cigarette burns all over the bath or a designated area for your wall unit? So many magical mysteries, and yes that last bit is off Saturday Night Live.

GPS decided that we should see Niagra Falls from the Canada side and who are we to argue with technology. We made it through the border and after a couple of wrong turns we found the falls. Lucky too because they're soo small you could easily drive right on past them ..... he he. Spectacular to say the least. We went down under the falls that was pretty cool and whaddya know, another stylish poncho.

Lunch at the first place we came across 'Margueritaville', guess I can deal with that. Baby back ribs to share, yum but expensive. So if we don't eat for the next couple of days we'll be sweet.

Stoped in at a Motel to see what the prices over here are like, $50 for the night, yip that'll do. The room is nice with 2x Double beds yusssss! This also marks the first motel that:

a) Has a light on the ceiling (I know exciting right) only one but still better than a lamp

b) Doesn't have a hideous loud fan that comes on when we turn on the bathroom light.

c) Has a cot

Things are looking up kid. Now for the soap ......

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