Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Day 24. Ride Moab

Up early this morning, we have a big ride today so we're running premium breakfast fuel. Mc Donalds. But we do get the yoghurt and cereal so you can stop judging us.

Make our way to the bike shop to pick up our bikes for the day and catch the shuttle. Hoo-freakin-ray the slag from yesterday is our staff member for the morning. She takes us out to the bikes and gives us the spiel. 'In your saddle bag there are tyre leavers, these are used to get the bead off the rim' oh shit, lucky you told us that, not like Marks' been riding for 20 odd years. But i guess its standard practice. Not sure if its standard to tell people that the pro pedal locks out the back shock completely, so you must never turn the switch ... She goes on to tell Mark that he's the first rider of a brand spanker and if it comes back with a dent/scratch we will be charged accordingly. Because god help if a mountain bike ever got a scratch on it. But Its OK he'll bead the breaks in for you, you're welcome. Way to ruin our ride before we even left the shop lady.

Shuttle ride takes a bit over an hour, way the hell over there. The other guys in the shuttle are asking the driver what the track is like, he's pretty much saying on a difficulty scale he would give it a 9 out of 10. Aww crap, it will be alright I'll just have to handle.

Its a scorcher of a day, 36 degrees in fact. No shade anywhere, Mark is the pack man carrying a ridiculous heavy bag. Starts off cool, took a bit of getting used to riding on the rocks but its all good. Had a few scenic picture and drink stops. The heat is getting a bit much for me and my bike is THE loudest heap. Creaky pedals and out of line derailier make the chain go all over the show (i have a silent bike at home, because i have the best bike mechanic) this noise is splendid when you're spending 5 hours pretty much riding down steps. I'm getting angry. Near the end of the ride there's a lot of un rideable rock drops, this shit is exhausting. Mark hasn't had much water because hes been making sure theres enough for me. He's very dehydrated and not a happy camper. Finish up at the Colorado river, just a wee 5 mile road ride home, hope we make it. Got back had a sit down and drowned our sorrows in a giant powerade.

Back at the log cabin again tonight. Had lunch/dinner at the pub, very nice. Booked ourselves a half day raft trip for tomorrow. Hope its nothing like the river wild he he

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