Friday, 16 September 2011

Day 11. Chilhowie to Washington DC to Arlington

Woke up early this morning, hope i didn't catch anything only time will tell. Heading to Washington DC today to visit me mate Abe and the War Memorials. About four hours drive, sweet.

Driving round Washington DC is insane! Police on every corner. Lucky we had a little practice in LA, i guess when i say 'we' i really mean Mark, but I'm the water boy and team morale booster, just as important if not more, so ill just go ahead and include myself. Found a park about a million miles away so we decided now would be a good time to try the subway. Getting there wasn't too bad once we figured out how to work the ticket machine.

While I'm not really into war stuff Memorial Park was cool, thoroughly enjoyed it. So many people lost, sad, but good to see everyone walking round taking it all in paying their respects and what not. On the light side, squirrels are everywhere and so damn quite. I don't like giant pretzels they taste like uncooked bread. Side note: Cheesy Poofs like off South Park although they look like twisties they taste like buttery movie popcorn, its not for me.

Now to find the subway again, i think its this way, or is it this way, i remember that shop, its defiantly this way. Actually, did i? Ahhh man were so lost. Walking round aimlessly for about 40 minutes we could have walked to the car by now! Asked a couple of people and finally someone pointed us in the right direction. Horray we found the station, that was the easy bit now we have to figure out which ones to take, i know we have to take two different ones, hrmmmm. Sorted that out and found the car, man i need a drink.

Time to find accommodation i hope its easier than last night. Went to a couple of places and they were all $120 and over, no thank you we'll find somewhere else. Rolled up to trusty Mc Donalds to use their wi-fi hopefully find somewhere cheap to stay, but no love with a weak signal. Booo. On our way out we saw a voucher book, it had hotel/motel vouchers in it so we found the cheapest one and went there. So here we are in the Arlington Travel Logde, Just got back from Applebees for dinner, but more importantly i had a giant drink Mark had a giant beer and we can finally relax.

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