Saturday, 17 September 2011

Day 12. Aberdeen to Seaside Heights, Jersey shore

Philadelphia Art Museum this morning. We will not be seeing any art as such, instead we will be ticking something so awesome off the bucket list (which doesn't exist, but if i had one it'd be right up there) its ridiculous.
Duh dah da da da da da dah dah dah (x3), beow beow beeeeeeow beow beow beooooow (x2) din din din din din din, dih dih dih dih dih dih diiiih dih diiiiiiiiih.

If you're not sure what I'm getting at, we will be running up the Rocky stairs! Fart around taking photos for a while then we do the stair run, i wait in the middle while mark runs so i can video it on the camera, awesome. Now its my turn with Mark videoing half way up. As I'm victoriously bounding up the stairs,much like a gazelle, I get to the flat bit and a lady interrupts my life long glory moment "have you seen Rocky" WTF can't you see I'm in the middle of something. Cheese and whiskers some people! Ah well it was still cool anyway, but I'm prrrrety sure shes going to hell for that move.

Next stop Seaside Heights, Jersey Shore. We found a place right across the road from the boardwalk, looking out the window we can see the rides. Boardwalks is pretty long and there's two mini theme parks along it. A whole bunch of T-shirt shops, food, drinks, carnival games, freakshows and a clown parade and we've only been here an hour. We took a ride on the chairlift that goes along the boardwalk, ooh theres the Shore Store! You can see the roof top that the Jersey Shore'ers hung out at, half pulled apart but its still recognisable. The house looks heaps bigger on TV. Now to find a drink the size of my head ..... I'm not sure how that's going to go but we don't have to drive anywhere, so whatever size glass it comes in, its Saturday night and PARRRRTYYYSS HEEERREEEE.

Side Note. Wear a Philadelphia, Rocky T-shirt at Jersey Shore and people will be your friend.

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