Friday, 16 September 2011

Day 10. Memphis to Chilhowie

Made it through the night without being shot, success. Off to Graceland.
For a place where pretty much the coolest dude ever lived, the staff are pretty un-cool and grumpy. However, we're at Graceland and a bunch of douche-ie workers aren't going to bring me down today! Elvis' house was very cool, I will be taking inspiration from his place, and lining our lounge walls with green shag carpet and mirror plating the hallway as soon as we get home. Loved Graceland, i guess it doesn't hurt that he was really really ridiculously good looking. Breakfast at the diner there, it'd be rude not to have a peanut butter and banana toasted sandwich. Yum.

We were told to try 'grits' while in Memphis so we asked the waitress at breakfast where we could find some. She said we could go to 'kiss my grits' down the road so we went to find that. We found the sign but they were tearing it down. Gutted, ah well it sounded gross anyways.

Now Marks driving and i sit here contemplating the universe. At the shallow end of the universe pool. USA GPS is way more high strung and bipolar than NZ GPS. Like one of those annoying people who thinks they're better than you, but really they're just a receptionist, barking orders like you're a retard. NZ GPS is calm and collected makes for a stress free driving environment. As i sit here I'm also marveling in my own Disc Jockey skills. They've come a long way since i was in primary school, staying up way past my bed time to listen to the top 10 with my finger on the record button only to be disappointed that the number one song is the same as last night. Better make sure I'm not taping over the Backstreet Boys, now that would be a tragedy. Blindspott hour is in full swing as we have a couple more hours of driving to go today. Trying to stay on top of my sanity, ADD is kicking in, song changes getting more erratic, singing getting louder, don't think Mark will be able to handle it for much longer...

People round here seem to be a lot nicer to me than they are to Mark, so i think ill do all the talking from now on.

9.30 lets find a room. Oh but its not 9.30 is it, in the time warp its 10.30. Tried about 15 different places in about 4 separate town areas, all being hideously overpriced or sold out. One of them required us to have proof of our NZ address WTF! Drive an extra couple of hours, ooh theres a stink place lets try there, it is midnight after all. Chilhowie lets see what you have to offer. Another rude receptionist. Step in the room it reeks of musty curried BO, and im pretty sure you can hire rooms by the hour here, i come to this conclusion after seeing the well used condom machine in the lobbys lobby .... will check bed and other surfaces for residual bodily fluids, think i just spewed a little.

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