Thursday, 29 September 2011

Day 25. Moab Still

Raft trip this morning, looking forward to just relaxing, on account of I am sore every single where. We had a stink sleep last night, which is so far off from the all time worlds best sleep,I had predicted for last night.
Head to the raft headquarters for our half day Colorado river trip. We're with a bunch of oldies but its all good, we're looking for a mellow day anyways.

Today is cheesy matching tourist day, Horray! I was hoping to celebrate this special day by wearing matching American flag shirts, but we haven't seen any and even if we did I'm pretty sure we wouldn't want to pay for them. If it has to be American flag bandanas, then so be it. We're going to rock matching bandanas so hard, Brett Michael's hair extensions will be jealous.

On the bus ride out to the raft put in point, the guide points out a little spring, flowing fresh drinkable water. Well this is information that could have come in handy YESTERDAY! Because this beautiful spring, right on the side of the road, was at the exact point where we almost gave up on life, just yesterday afternoon. Anyway the raft trip was cool, the exact opposite of 'The River Wild' super calm, teeny weeny little rapids, a few splashes here and there but nothing life threatening. Cool guides with heaps of information and some of the funniest, hilarious only because they're lame, jokes I've heard in a long time.

Back to the hut to get out of the scorching sun for a while then off to do some sight seeing. You could spend months here and still not see half of it, but for now we're just going to look at some big rocks. Everywhere you look there's something awesome to see, god damn theres a lot of rocks here. Rocks and dust, sounds boring yes, surprisingly not that boring.

I've seen a billboard advertising 18 ounce Margaritas, so tonight, we hunt this place down. I say hunt it down, but its not that hard. There aren't many streets here in Moab, but I'll just throw it in there to make it sound intense. Found it, yussss. Had some dinner and a couple of drinks, they don't have pudding so we are directed to a cup cake shop just down the road. These cup cakes are freaking delicious. I would say that they are better than the 'Carlos Bakery' ones, and then I would even go so far as to say they were better than the Disneyland one. I was pretty confident at the time, that i had hit my cup cake, life time high, and it was only down from there. How wrong was I, and for that I am glad.

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