Saturday, 24 September 2011

Day 20. Driving from wherever we were to South Dakota

Ooh this is a first, we're able to take advantage of the advertised 'free breakfast' because the food looks half way decent, who would have thunk it. Its good too because now, we can spend the money that we would have spent on breakfast, on lollies and Red bull yussss! We haven't tried a 'Moon Pie' yet so we give that a go. Mark picks the banana flavour and man it reeks. It's really quite disgusting. It crumbled all over the show, all in all an inconvenient driving snack. I'm still not exactly sure what it is, the smell barrier only allowed for a small taste. I give it a disappointing 0 out of 5 stars.
Broken record alert: Another long day driving, headed in the direction or Mt Rushmore. Yeah yeah, it is just a couple of dudes faces on the side of a hill, but i still want to see it. Its going to be a long day so i'll put in a couple of hours on my 'super top secret driving project'. Which by the way, has no purpose but to keep my simple mind entertained on these long legs of the journey. I'm still not going to tell you about it though.

Should we stop in Sparta? What kind of a question is that, it's our duty to stop in Sparta. Not only shall we stop in Sparta, we shall recreate a scene from 300. It'd be rude not to.

Driving through Amish land we see a guy riding his horse drawn cart. He waves at us and i take a photo of him. All the while singing to myself "hitching up the buggy, churning lots of butter, raise the barn on Monday soon I'll raise another" this is a snippet from Amish Paradise for those who aren't familiar with Weird Als' parody of 'Gangsta Paradise' i know what i mean.

Then really we just did a whole bunch of driving. Had a couple of rest stops, now were at the motel. Which is just lovely, it doesn't look like much from the outside BUT this is in fact the first motel with a fake flower arrangement on the table and a plant on the rack over there. How about that!

Now to find something for dinner. We saw some places just down the road, we'll check them out. 'Family friendly' splendid, sounds positively wholesome. Table for two please. Waiting for our dinner we stop to take in our surroundings. Seems like everybody here is shall we say, old as fook. Surely we didn't just unknowingly walk into a rest home. Or did we? I got my meal accompanying salad early so i go to work. The lettuce looks old and gross so I'm just going to eat the croutons. I'm not an animal, so I'm going to eat them with my fork. Mid crouton stab, a piece flies off and shoots directly in my eyeball, fan freaking tastic, how am i going to explain this to the ambulance. Mark ordered a steak, with no sharp corners so i should be safe for the rest if the meal. Or is it a steak? Seeems like this is just a flat sausage in breadcrumbs. We were joking just before the food came out, that the food is probably pre chewed, doesn't seem so funny now. I see there's pumpkin pie on the desert menu, i doubt I'll like it but I've never had it before, might as well make the whole meal a write off. Not spew worthy but i wouldn't have it again. Marks was nice so hopefully that makes up for his pre chewed sausage meal. We were gathering ourselves and preparing to leave one of the 'residents' came over to tell me that she loved my Vegas tattoo, rock on old lady :)

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