Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Day9. Driving from Dallas to West Memphis BREAKYO'SELF FOOL

Gear up, for not much happening this is a long one!

Up early again for another long day driving, not nearly as long as yesterday but still a respectable 700 ks. Mark's hearing noises from the tyres so we find the National Alamo Car rentals in Dallas. We can either swap the car, or go get a tyre from firestone. After an intense start to the car/human relationship we've grown quite fond of our new friend, so we take the second option. Found the firestone and the car needs 4 new tyres, thanks National Alamo for our death mobile. Ok maybe a bit dramatic. Waiting for the tyre change Mark inquires about the rifle ranges close by. Every ones really friendly, then one of the staff members comes over and proceeds to show us on his phone, his arsenal of weapons. Note to self, don't f*ck with that guy.

Went to the Gun Range as if we had, 'Break Yo'self Fool' tattoed on our foreheads the man takes us over to their extensive gun selection. We pick a small hand gun .22 cal 45 replica, because I'm a big girls blouse and haven't shot anything before. We get to pick what we shoot at, target men or zombies. What kind of question is that, easy ZOMBIES. He gives us a short demo in the shop then points us in the right direction. From what i have seen on TV, i was lead to believe that the newbs in the rifle range had an intense military style drill Sergeant all up in their grill, to make sure we wernt recklessly unsafe. Nope, gave us the gun and let us run riot, yuss. Finished off 100 rounds pretty quickly, lets try something else. Another hand gun, why not. I can handle it, i have sparklers don't you know. Well take the 9mm please. 50 rounds went pretty fast. Decided not to go to bigger rifles because the amo is expensive. All in all very very cool.

Red and Blue flashing lights behind us, ahhhh man what did we do wrong? 'You were speeding but I'm only going to give you a warning'. Yussss. 'So you can just go ahead and come with me to the car' I HAVE FIREWORKS! he he that didn't happen but it would have been funny.

Stoped in 'Hope' for some breakfast (4pm) theres alot of coloured people here. Ooh we need petrol, here looks good. 'Crackerbox' jeez i know I'm white but there's no need to be mean about it. If you're gonna call me a cracker I'm gonna act like one, so i brought a 24 ounce Bacardi mojito and a 24 ounce budweiser, for a grand total of $3.99.

Been driving too long lets find somewhere to stay. Super 8 hasn't done us wrong yet so we put it in the GPS and bingo, only down the road, success. Go into reception, i think we just interrupted her committing suicide because shes just foul. Theres a large toothless woman in the reception area talking on her cellphone really loudly, conversation along the lines of 'i need to get him outta my life' something something 'if i see him again I'm fixin on killing him' ummm is it too late to change hotels. Theres a diner in walking distance so we go there for dinner. Can anyone say holes in the ponga fence? Lets check where we actually are, 901 Martin Luther King  .... ohhhhhh.

Side note: Tootsie Rolls taste like brown crayons.

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