Friday, 23 September 2011

Day 18. Driving from Canada to Wherever

Breakfast in Canada this morning, we don't have any Canadian money but we do have a Visa card so we'll be sweet .... pause ..... not! We don't take visa but we do take MasterCard, woopie. They take American money luckily but we only have a $100 note. 90 Canadian dollars, what a pain in the ass.
On the road again for another long drive, I'm watching the GPS ... two minutes since i last checked, maaaaaan. Have to cross back to the USA today, that took a very long time. I thought the time was going slow before GPS just slapped an extra hour on, brilliant.

So there's not a lot going on really, that's why I'm writing this in the car again. I feel like I'm over the last Subway trauma, so we'll just jump right back on that horse and have it for lunch. This was a good experience, my will to live and faith in sandwich artists has been restored, only just.

For those who were wondering the soap didn't smell like a camel last night, so that's good. Also, there was soap and get this ... a body wash sachet. Soap in liquid form, ged-oudda here! Inspired by my liquid soap experience I decided that we could splash out on body wash so i can sleep at night, without having to worry about, whether or not the next soap is going to be acceptable for my nostrils. Just a little insight there, because that's about it at the moment.

I have been on the search for a new pair of shoes. As some of you know i only have one pair of non sports related shoes, they're almost dead. Anyway we've looked I'm about a million shops but nothing. This may be because the pair in my brain doesn't exist. I'm not even sure what I want, but I have a feeling that they look exactly like my snowboard boots, but in shoe form. So there ya go, exciting huh. Bet you're glad you read this today.

I've just used up the entire camera battery working on a super top secret driving project. One of which I shall not divulge any details as previously mentioned, it is in fact .... super top secret. Just thought i'd put it out there.

Staying at the Super 8 in Harmony, Illinois. We think, were not even sure if that's a place. First room with a fridge, and a coffee pot! Using the motel washing facilities, golden. Moving on up folks.

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