Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Day 23. Coloradoto Moab

I was tired last night, didn't put really any love into what i was writing so i will add on some small extras, more for personal record than for your entertainment. I do realise the soap is all very boring to you. So bear with me.
Last nights motel: First to have complimentary muesli on our pillows on arrival (in packets, not just randomly sprinkled, in case you were wondering). First motel with complimentary toothpaste, which I will have you know cleans plaque 5x better than regular toothpaste paste, how about that!

Every petrol station we go into I've been seeing these giant 20 ounce cans of vodka pre mixes. I've been wanting one since the first day we saw them, mainly because they are 12%ers, tonight is the night! I'm sure it's going to taste like crap, but there's pretty pictures on them so I'm compelled. Yip it tastes like crap, ah well i tried.

Today: On our way to Moab, just a short 4 hour drive. Stoped at the pretty lake to have a play, Mark skimmed some rocks, I biffed some in the same general direction. Restroom stop at the petrol station we decide to grab a hot dog just to eat while were driving. I wonder why she put cutlery in the bag? Oooh so when i asked for a hot dog, it really meant a sausage with lasagna on top drowning a bun. Good to know.

Came into Moab found the bike shop 'poison spider' Mark saw in the Internet, sorted ourselves out some bikes for tomorrow. We're still in the throws of booking our shuttle up a giant hill, for a 24 mile ride. Real time update: Sorted that out with the help of Chris, he was a super cool dude. The lady .... what a slag.

We're staying in #10 log cabin at the hostel tonight. First place to have, wait for it, DOUBLE BUNK BEDS, oh yes my friends bunk beds. They match up perfectly, so much room to do activities. Also Pantene haircare, it just keeps getting better. No TV so we brought some magazines for entertainment. My 'Special Double Feature' People Magazine is highly disappointing with a single story on Toddlers and Tiaras the other 100 odd pages filled up with pictures and 'you should get botox', but if you do here's 10 pages of side affects you can get. Its a double feature for pete sakes, you would think that there would be at least two stories wouldn't you. Booo!

As I'm writing this in our little log cabin, Marks' outside having a very painful sounding conversation with a man from Switzerland. He cant understand a word Mark says. I just witnessed a legit, 3x repeater. Rotorua, huh, Ro-to-rua, huh, Rooh-tooh-rhua. Im just going to hide here i think. Hes gonna be maaad at me ha ha.

Went out again to sort shit out, stoped in at the pub on the way home. Tipsy off two wines what a champ. Mentally prepare ourselves up for a sore bum tomorrow (I'm talking about the bike ride sickos!)

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