Monday, 19 September 2011

Day 14. Manhattan tour, Empire State Building

Early morning, got to catch a train to Madison Square Garden to take the tour we booked last night, it starts at 11 am and as ususal were excessivley early but its all good. We grab some breakfast and have a walk around. Whoa this place is so busy, you can't walk 20 metres without being harased to buy a seat on a diferent tour bus to what we've already booked. Gets real annoying when you're walking up and down the street a couple of times. The sewers are steaming and theres no words to describe the smell, but i guess its just something you would get used to. Pungent ... stings the nostrils.
11 oclock rolls on and the tour begins, the tour guide is really cool but im looking over at the open air busses and wishing that i was there, on acount it's such a nice day. Highlight of the tour being stopping off at Soho, holey moses check this place out! If only i had money to spend, dreams are free right. Im also strongly consiedring buying property in Tribeca ... it could happen.

Empire State Building is next. Strict security procedures see us rumaging through our bag to identify the small magnet shaped weapon of destruction we tried to smuggle in ... it was a magnet. Badass! View from up here is pretty choice, the place crowed as hell and people are all up in our grills so we dont loiter for too long.

Grabbed some dinner from a streat vendor, yum and cheap coz thats how i roll.

Straight nightmare trying to figure out which train to take home, luckly a man helped us or else wed probably still be there tearing our hair out. Back at the same motel from last night, hay its cheap. I did however just spot something on the carpet that i hope is candle wax ....

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