Sunday, 25 September 2011

Day 21. South Dakota to Cheyenne, Wyoming

For a change today we thought we would just drive all day, havent done that yet. We are on our way to Crested Bute (i dont know how to spell it, it's late) to do a we bit of mountain biking.
The billboard said we could see and feed some Prearie Dogs at the next exit. Sounds like a plan billboard. We pulled up to the shop that claimed we could do this. There's a feild right infront of where we parked and theres heaps of them, just kickn it maxin, relaxin eating some grass. Man alive these things are so freakin cute its rediculous! I wonder what they taste like? ... I was just checking if you were still awake. I dont want to eat one, they are very small he he.

Every billboard we pass is going on about something called 'Wall Drug'. Is it a Shop? A place? Some type of sandwich? Do we need to buy a pipe? A element and spoons? I have no idea why, but i'm sure we will spontaneously combust if we don't go there. Suckered in by the 500 billboards, not surprising.

Turns out 'Wall' was the name of the little country town and I have no idea where the drug part comes  into it, but we had ourselves a casual stroll anyways. A lady accidentally (i think) punched Mark while turning round, didn't even say sorry. I tried on a western shirt but decided against purchase, although it made me feel as flash as Michael Jackson, reastically I would never wear it.

On our way over to New York they kept taking hours away from us, but yesterday and today we got a couple back, not overly exciting it just means we were driving longer.

Decided we would stay in Cheyenne. Found a Motel6 then went to the Ausie Steakhouse for dinner. Marks steak attempt number two, success! Now for sleep so we can do it all again tomorow.

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