Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day13. Jersey City

Today were going to Jersey City with nothing solid on the agenda, we'll just figure it out when we get there. First things first find somewhere to stay. Hunt down the nearest Mc Donalds to use their wi-fi. No luck looking on the net so we'll just go for a drive and see. Accommodation round here is expensive. The crappiest looking place in the city is running at $130 a night, or $45 an hour, what a rip off.
New game plan, lets go to 'Carlos Bakery' in Hoboken and get a cup cake, it'd be rude not to.

Wonder what that line over there is for? Ooh there's the bakery, yip theres a little line out front but nothing we can't handle! Find a parking building $17 for 2-3 hours, god damn! This is going to be an expensive cup cake. Found what we thought was the end of the line. Behow Bheoww! That line we saw down the street before, that's the official end of the line. Estimated waiting time, 1 hour or more. Finally we're allowed to go inside the shop but its packed out and we cant see any baked goods anyway. About Half an hour later, we saw some cakes and decided that we'll just get whatever. I went and waited at the back of the shop to make more room for other people, i hear cheering and astonished gasps. Phones and cameras shoot to the sky and start going crazy. I thought it was someones birthday and they were getting a grand cake with special treatment or something, I got some peeping room and Buddy was in the shop . Pretty cool, somehow makes it all worth it, but I'm not sure if it tops my Peter Andre sighting when i was 14. I will have to consider this deeply, for future claim to fame boastings.

Take two finding somewhere to stay. Lets go to Newark it may be cheaper because its closer to the airport. Found somewhere $56 a night, it'll do. Defiantly seems like we're in the ghetto. I say this because every house we drive by, theres people siting outside on their porches. And if the 'Friday's taught me anything, its don't eat donut's at strip malls and ghetto people like to hang out on their porches. Its ok though because we have cake! We have nothing to cut it with boooooh bad form. The cake is good but not as life changing as i was expecting.

Now we're in the laundromat, about 6 miles from where we're staying to avoid getting shanked for our undies. The TVs don't speak English and the washing machine was broken so it didn't do a spin cycle, we may be here all night.

Subway for dinner then home to the whore house. We gave away the remainder of the cake we brought today, it just dawned on me that we have 70 sparklers to use, and they would have gone awesome in the cake, ahhhhh man. Sad faces!

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