Monday, 3 October 2011

Daay 28.Las Vegas

Today's plan, do a lot of nothing much. So we're going to attempt some shopping . There's a giant outlet store mall a couple of minutes down the road, we'll check that sucka out. What cant be too much bigger than the central mall right? He he JK people come on! This place has every shop you could ever need. Its hot as hell, we buy a couple of things then make our way back to the safety of the air conditioned car.
Now we're off to find the skating rink, not that difficult thanks to our friend Tom Tom.Brought a pair of skates destined to be hammered outside, red ones because everyone knows that red ones go faster. And they were the only only ones they had in my size and I didn't have a choice, but mainly because they go faster. We got tickets for the rink with the purchase of the skates, i tried to make Mark skate but he was concerned about falling on his bung knee, fair enough.

Back to the hotel to start the relaxing because really, shopping isn't that relaxing, we were walking for hours and our feet hurt. Man I'm a pack of whingers, but they do. We want to see a show tonight so we go find the cheap ticket stand, there's one in Circus Circus, its just across the road, easy. Its still pretty far away even though its 'just across the road' lucky Marks here because I'd defiantly get lost in these casinos. Two tickets for Carrot Top at the Luxor please.

We got to Luxor casino to see our show and got bailed up by people offering really cheap tickets to other shows. Wow this sounds good, $25 for a show then they give you $100 in food or drink vouchers to use there ..... hold on. *if you go attend a short no obligation seminar on Las Vegas time shares* I'm sorry what? You just said something really fast and quiet. All i could think of is the South Park, snow time share episode. Yeah nah we're gonna pass.

Now up until the start of the show, i thought that Carrot Top was just a roided up douche with really bad eyebrows, which is kind of why I wanted to see it. Man was i wrong, his eyebrows are fantastic, I'm kidding but it was absolutely hilarious pretty much the whole time, and now my face hurts. 10 out of 10

Checked out a couple more casinos after the show. Mandaly Bay, Excalibur and the MGM Grand, its Sunday night so not as pumping as last night but still an ass load of people round. I have a wicked craving for cheesecake, going up an escilator we see a neon sign flash it looks like it says cheesecake, yussss. Cheese Steak, that was just mean! Tired now lets go home.

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